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It all began in Sicily and Abruzzo (the regions from which our family are from) during a time where everything had to be prepared manually by making use of natural ingredients. In those days, women were responsible for creating delicious recipes for their families with passion and dedication. The general objective was to make the meals as delightful as possible since the act of eating for Italians is not just something simple and casual. Instead, it has great significance that reflects the family union.
Later on, these recipes were passed down from generation to generation in order to keep alive the heritage that represents Italian families. This is because Italian gastronomy can be considered as one of the most important representations of the country.

Nowadays, it is remarkable that Italian food is well known worldwide. However, many recipes have been changed since many Italians were forced to emigrate from their country because of World War II. Therefore, our main goal in Di Più is to recapture the magical flavors of original Italian gastronomy and to introduce it to those individuals who are used to the flavor of commercial pasta. We are certain that these people will be completely surprised at the pleasure that homemade pasta can bring with every bite.


Our main goal is to create the best products of Italian cuisine offered in the market by satisfying the requirements and preferences of our valued customers. Consequently, we hope to be recognized as an authentic reference for the amazing and extensive Italian gastronomy.


The Di Più family would like the opportunity to share the incredible flavors of Italian cuisine, especially as those recipes have been passed down from generation to generation in our family. Our general goal is to prepare our plates by using natural ingredients in order to provide the purest, freshest and most delicious flavors. As a result, our special customers will be able to enjoy an authentic Italian gastronomic experience with products of super high quality.




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